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Direct Mail

Direct Mail Printing - An Effective Marketing Tool

In the digital age, much of the attention surrounding marketing is online. Search engine optimization, a compelling website, and social media are all important, but those who focus all their attention on online media could be missing out on valuable leads. Direct mail printing for advertising is still an effective marketing tool that can help you reach new potential customers, increase conversions, and more.

Printed Advertising Materials Make for Better Brand Recognition

Recent research has shown that viewing printed direct mail ads is less stressful and requires less brain power than reading ads online.  The researchers’ conclusion: print media is more likely to make a lasting impression than digital ads. If this is true, it stands to reason when people see your logo on printed materials, they are more likely to remember it when it comes time to make a purchase than if they viewed it digitally.

On a practical level, older generations like Gen X and the Baby Boomers may not warm up to digital advertising like Millennials and Gen Z do, and direct mail remains the best way to reach these older customers. Direct mail printing should still hold a prominent place in your marketing tool kit, especially when it comes to brand recognition and reaching certain target customers.

A Versatile Line Up of Direct Mail Printing Options

Minuteman Press offers full service direct mail printing and mailing services to meet your marketing needs. Some of our most popular forms of direct mail print advertising include:

  • Postcards - In colorful designs, postcards can be a great way to get your brand noticed, especially if you’re promoting a sale or including coupons.
  • Brochures - Perfect for letting your community know all you have to offer, especially if you’re a new business.
  • Menus - Takeout or delivery menus, mailed to the doorstep, provide a perfect opportunity for people to stick on the fridge, so they can call when hunger strikes.
  • Flyers - Full page flyers or advertisements are great for handing out at public events or even through the mailbox.

Minuteman Press can handle all your direct mailing printing needs, from creation to delivery. For your convenience, we can also handle the entire mailing process for you, taking advantage of discounts the USPS offers for presorted standard and presorted first class mail!  And if you want to kick it up a notch, you can customize your direct mail pieces for each individual with variable data printing.  Contact us to learn more about our direct mail marketing services and how we can help your brand stand out.

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Direct Mail

Bridge your customers' offline world with your online presence when you send professionally designed direct mail pieces that scream "open me!"